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One of the biggest challenges facing rapidly expanding organizations today is attracting non-skilled and semi-skilled workers due to a lack of affordable housing in the immediate area.

High growth companies often exhaust the local qualified blue collar worker pool quickly. To recruit additional workers from outside the area, there must be affordable housing within a reasonable commutable distance. 

Unfortunately, construction of new workforce housing in most growing regions is financially undesirable. Profit margins for developers are often very thin or nonexistent based on current market values. Developers who control the local land prefer higher end development which has much higher profit margins. This leaves expanding organizations with two options.


Postpone growth until market conditions make affordable housing feasible, which could be many years away. Or, take the initiative now to build the affordable housing needed for their future workforce even if returns on this real estate are postponed for the first few years.

Bridging the Gap is the only agency 

to offer mass workforce housing solutions.

With its real estate development division, Bridging the Gap provides full project oversight and construction management, site selection, land planning, architecture and engineering, permitting and construction of workforce housing. Bridging the Gap also arranges construction and permanent financing.

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