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WE ARE DISRUPTING the Mass Outsource Human Resource industry by focusing on the science and research of employee engagement, loyalty, performance and productivity.


Since the Industrial Revolution, the American workforce has produced amazing achievements without anybody really caring about the happiness of the employees.  We have put men on the moon, invented electric cars, televisions, computers, the internet and cell phones. We have engineered and constructed high-rise buildings, made air travel everyday transportation, and extended life expectancy by 40 years.


We have accomplished this with employees who are happier going home on Friday afternoon than they are coming to work on Monday morning.  Imagine what we could accomplish when we care about employees’ happiness, and we demonstrate it. We are helping our Clients and our Employees that work for those Clients find out!


Bridging the Gap focuses both on our employees' financial growth and their personal happiness. We follow the scientific research and the obvious - happy employees do their best work. They are the most creative and productive. They require the least management overhead and are the most loyal. They are the most engaged for the longest period of time. They don’t job hop.


Science also tells us that happiness is highly dependent upon community. Being around people you care about and that care about you is a critical component to happiness. Bridging the Gap’s culture is based on replacing fear and ego with trust and community. We care about our employees and they care about each other. This allows us to attract the most talented and keep them highly engaged to ensure the Clients they work for are successful.


Bridging the Gap is the only mass outsourcing agency to offer affordable workforce housing development as a large-scale solution. This solution enriches the lives of our unskilled and semi-skilled employees that normally struggle to make ends meet. And, it enables a mass workforce to be available to our client companies where the lack of housing that is affordable for unskilled and semi-skilled workers restricts availability and relocation of temporary employees.


The life of the unskilled and semi-skilled worker is filled with constant financial stress and retirement is out of reach. We believe that their work is valuable to America’s economy and provide the following to lead them to financial stability and a better life:​

  • Rent Subsidy

  • Financial Planning Workshops

  • Credit and Housing Counseling

  • Career Counseling

  • Round Trip Transit to Work 

  • 10 Vacation Days

  • 5 Sick Days

  • 3 Bereavement Days

  • Annual Lump Sum Contribution to 401(K)

  • Bonus for Every 1000 Hours Worked

  • Child Care Subsidy 

  • Job Training

These benefits reduce excessive high levels of financial stress which science and research shows are long term peak performance inhibitors. Financial stability allows employees to focus on their jobs while on their jobs. 

Based on scientific studies, we have developed a new technology that will measure and track the happiness of our employees. It will provide the continuous feedback loop to success that is missing in Corporate America today. This critical management tool will be available to our clients in Q1 2019.

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