With today’s accelerated business pace, time-consuming tasks of recruiting staff can be frustrating. Bridging the Gap moves you forward with a superior class of recruitment solutions: Advanced, flexible solutions that are well-suited to your environment and your company size – no matter what stage of development your business is in.

Bridging the Gap knows that ensuring the right skills and competencies are identified is an on-going and complex task for human resource managers.

Search and Recruitment

Our Permanent Recruitment Procedures:

  1. Interviewing of Candidates:
  • Thorough face to face interviewing for all potential candidates.
  • Short- listing of Candidates.
  • Arrange interviews with short listed candidates at times requested by you the client.
  • Ensure that all candidates submitted to you the client, or are interviewed by you the client receives feedback on your behalf, which includes declines to unsuccessful candidates.        
  1. Supporting documentation submitted to the client:
  • Original copies of Resume’.
  • Detailed reference checks of candidates last two places of employment.
  • Copies of assessment results, if applicable
  1. Reference Check Requirements:
  • Detailed Employment reference checks of candidates last two places of employment.
  • Credit Check, if applicable.
  • Criminal Check
  • Qualification Check
  • Driver’s licence Check (if required by you the client)
  1. Assessment of Candidate:
  • If required by you the client, testing of Candidates to establish skills and competence level as per Job Requirements – Separate Fee
  • Detailed copies of Assessment results will be submitted to you the client.
  1. Offer of Employment:
  • Verbal communication of offer of employment to Candidate once written confirmation is received from you the client.
  • Arrange time and date for Candidate to meet with you the client for further discussion of offer and Employment Contract.
  • You the client and candidate must sign offer of employment, and a copy submitted to us as Bridging the Gap.
  1. Invoicing:
  • You the client will be invoiced on the date that the candidate commences employment.
  • Payment terms are 7 days from invoice date in order to qualify for placement guarantees.

Guarantee and Validation

If you as client are not completely satisfied with the candidate within the first 90 days of employment, or the candidate quits, or is terminated for cause. Should Bridging the Gap have been paid within the 7-day payment period of the candidates first day of work, and the guarantee validated, Bridging the Gap will repeat the recruitment process on a one-time basis, to locate a replacement candidate at no additional cost, provided the position remains unchanged in scope, location and compensation, and that the termination was not the result of a lay-off or any other corporate restructuring.


Flexible Staffing – Outsourcing

Labor and Employment Law Compliance

We take full responsibility for:

Bridging the Gap complies with all local, state, and federal labor and employment laws.

    • Timely payments of all statutory deductions and taxes
    • Following the correct disciplinary, grievance and industrial relations procedures
    • Complying fully with the rules, regulations and procedures.

A comprehensive range of Outsourced Staffing Services  

Flexible Staffing Services

  • Supplying supervised and flexible contract staffing.

Systems and Logistical Solutions

  • Labor Management.
  • Payroll Management.
  • Transportation and Accommodation Logistics – to support management of contract staff.

Mega-Project services

  • Labor-force planning and procurement.
  • Training needs identification and implementation.
  • Supplying professional white-collar and blue-collar personnel, across industry bands.
  • Implementation of Human Resources solutions specific to project needs.

Conflict Management

  • Impartial Mediating and Chairing Disciplinary or Grievance Hearings
  • Bridging the Gap complies with all local, state, and federal labor and employment laws.
  • Following the correct disciplinary, grievance and industrial relations procedures.
  • Complying fully with the rules, regulations and procedures.
  • Follow Companies Standard Operating Procedures.

The Bridging the Gap Difference

Bridging the Gap has extensive operational capability based on vast combined individual expertise. This delivers market-leading, flexible staffing solutions, mega project human resource solutions, systems and logistics HR support services. 

At a glance

  • A representative fully screened diversely skilled workforce database.
  • The screening process covers previous work experience, training, verification of documentation, equipment skills and full reference checks.
  • The Bridging the Gap infrastructure is able to fulfill temporary and continuous contracts, manage large-scale projects throughout Northern America as well as provide client management support internationally.
  • Leading-edge management and information systems enable full implementation and monitoring against performance objectives.
  • Internal HR and IR departments to support the managed staffing process.
  • Specialized testing and training for driving skills provided.
  • Comprehensive training across technical competencies – available through the Access Training division’s national training infrastructure.

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