Global Associates for Bridging the Gap

are you ready for everest?

Have you ever thought… I could be a recruiter! Well here is your chance.

Step 1

Write down a list of Friends or Clients that are always saying; “I just cant find the right staff!”

Step 3

Drop us an email at for us to put together an associate one page non disclosure agreement for you. From there We will work together to connect our current applicants with Your Client leads, or assist Your friends in finding the right job with our clients.

Step 2

Write down a list of Friends that are always saying they Unhappy in their Jobs!

Step 4

Collect on the Commission Splits of up to 50%!!! Money, Money, Moneay!!! $$$

“Teamwork is a Beautiful Thing!”

More Permanent Associations are Available

Should you not just want to make some money on the side, or believe that recruiting is a career for You, Then please drop us a mail at and lets discuss a career path with our Global Firm.

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