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Our Approach

In a World of Internet and Internet matches we at Bridging the Gap still believe in the “Old Fashioned” Relationship!

We strongly believe that people are not just products that can be matched up to a simple job spec, but personalities that need to be introduced to one another in order to form a bonding working relationship.

Our Story

The All Access Group was formed in 2013, in which Bridging the Gap has become our flagship Search and Recruitment Company.

The secret to our success has been the partnerships developed over the years with the All Access Group as well as the G.I. Group. This has given Bridging the Gap the leverage needed to find candidates, and fill placements globally.

Meet the Team

Our Highly Effective Team are waiting to assist in any recruitment or HR need you may have.

Jayson Dean

Director US Operations

With more than 20 years of International Recruitment Experience, Jayson has been tasked to head up Bridging the Gap US.

Born in Cape Town South Africa, Jayson is an avid Endurance Runner and has learnt the importance of patience when it comes to placing the right candidate in the right working environment. He still believes in one on one relationships with both Client and Candidate, which has been the mark of his success over the years.

His passion for the business and life exudes in everything he does.

Thomas Wilson

Financial Director

Thomas has been around this industry his entire life, being involved in building these types of businesses from the ground up. He has taken recruitment companies public in the past, and now has set his sights as a global entrepreneur.

Thomas has an incredible eye for numbers and Financial Candidates. His recruitment strengths lie within the financial sector, but by sure experience has become a generalist recruiter.


Tiffany Drouillard

Head of Talent Acquisition

Tiffany has gained valuable experience within non-profit organizations over the years. Her focus and passion has always been within Human Resources and in particular talent acquisition. Her Financial background has proven invaluable with regards to understanding corporate structure and financial recruiting budgets.

Tiffany is currently pursuing her MBA through the Isenberg School of Management.




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